Last weekend I was booked again by the Tanzsport Verband Baden-Württemberg (TBW) for the gala event in Enzklösterle in the Black Forest. I have been on stage here every year since 2002. In the meantime it has become a combination of moderating the evening and individual show acts. To keep it interesting, I always try to develop new pieces. This year it was, among other things, a new magic play. I wrote the text entirely in rhyme. The big challenge was to speak the text very quickly and to coordinate the speed of the hands. You can only do something like that by constantly repeating it over several weeks and months.

When do we get really good at something? Exactly, through repetition.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s at school, at work in competitive sport or in our free time.
How often have we tried to learn vocabulary at school the night before or ideally just before the test?

Our brains don’t work as well as she imagines. With the first repetition, a connection is made in our brain and this is built up more and more intensively with each further repetition. That’s why it’s so important to practise vocabulary every day.
It’s the same in dance sport and other sports. How many times have I thought that I had mastered a movement, only to realize that it had not yet become routine. I had a trainer who always said: “Familiar five-letter word? Exactly: again!”
But perfection only comes through repetition.

Repetition, repetition and repetition again.

But what is it like at work?
It’s exactly the same at work. That’s why it’s incredibly important that we use the tools we work with again and again.
Unfortunately, this is sometimes not possible. Either tools are replaced or some tools are only used every few months.
And therein is the problem. If we don’t use some tools regularly, we don’t develop a routine and it takes us much longer to do the work than we actually need to, because we have to learn how to use the tool again.
If we take a training course on a tool and then only use it for the first time six months later, the training is of little help.
I’ve been publishing a blog article every week since January. I’m curious to see what these articles will look like after a year if I continue to repeat this on a weekly basis.

Have a wonderful week!

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