There are optimists and pessimists and a third group who call themselves realists.
I grew up in a family that had both. My father’s family was very pessimistic. My father always saw the negative things, was often unhappy and complained a lot. When he was young, he must even have been a real choleric person. But he became calmer as he got older.
1. pessimists have a rather negative attitude towards the future and often expect the worst, even if there are no clear signs of it.
2 They often overemphasize negative events and difficulties and see the bad in situations.
3. they can get so lost in their worries and fears that it can affect their well-being and limit their ability to act.

My mother’s family is completely different. They had experienced really terrible times. But this family was largely made up of optimists. They had the attitude that we were doing well and that there could be much worse times ahead.

1 An optimist sees challenges as opportunities for personal development and growth.
2. optimists firmly believe that good things can happen even in difficult times and hold on to positive expectations.
3. they spread hope and confidence by focusing on the positive and encouraging others to make the best of every situation.

Of course, there are also those who call themselves realists.
Realists look at the world objectively and rationally. They accept both positive and negative aspects of a situation and base their assessments on facts and evidence rather than being driven by emotion.

Let’s be optimists!
I think it’s especially important to have an optimistic attitude to life in these times. Not just for yourself, but because optimism can also be incredibly contagious.
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?