“This stupid policy. It can’t go on like this. Something has to change! The government must be voted out. We need change.”

Many people demand change, but no one wants to change themselves – find the mistake.
Change is part of our lives and that’s a good thing. Things weren’t like they are today 30 years ago and that’s a good thing.
Yesterday wasn’t like it is today and that’s a good thing. We all live in a constant state of change. What I write here will be forgotten by many tomorrow. One day I won’t be around anymore, and that’s a good thing too. That’s part of change. Life changes every second. When something is no longer there, there is room for something new. It’s hard, but even a tumor will grow more and more over time and what happens? The person dies and there is another change.

A sentence like “This must finally change!” is not okay if I’m not prepared to change myself. And that starts with the little things. Sometimes you are forced to change.

Last autumn, we were on vacation in our car and caravan. It happened on the way home. Shortly before Salzburg, my car got louder and louder. There were loud bangs from the engine compartment. Our car had engine damage. My car was already older and I knew that the time had come to say goodbye to it. But on vacation? Really? And especially abroad? Could I change it? Of course I couldn’t. I had no other choice and I accepted it.
Since then, I’ve been using public transport a lot. I now enjoy the time I spend on the train more and more thanks to my Germany ticket. It slows me down and I’m currently writing this post on the train. I realized that I don’t need a car anymore. Our “Deutschlandticket” was also part of a change and it was a great idea. Thanks to our government.

“But we have to protect our jobs!” Of course, but how?
When I was a student a long time ago, we already had a hydrogen filling station at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart in the mid-1990s. German car manufacturers had already been researching hydrogen cars here. Where are the cars with hydrogen technology coming from now? From Asia. Because we have stuck with our combustion engines and are still doing so. The majority of electric cars come from abroad. Are they the better car manufacturers? Or are they more ready for changes?

“An electric car is not the solution either!”. Every problem has a solution and that will also be the case with our cars. There probably won’t be “the ONE solution”, but a combination of several systems.

We in Germany were the world market leader in TV technology (Grundig, Loewe, etc.). We were the world market leader in photography. We held on to our technologies and didn’t want to change. The rest is history.

Let’s be courageous and curious about change.