Don’t take everything so seriously

Last weekend I went to a clown workshop with Peter Shub in Stuttgart. I’ve been to a workshop with him before, but the last time was in Cannes and over 22 years ago.
My feedback: It was great. We laughed, we cried together and we had to push ourselves to our limits again and again. What is the phrase? “Get out of your comfort zone!” All the participants definitely did that.

It was super interesting for me to watch everything. I grew up in the theater world quite early on and know how to give my all on stage. Other participants found it much more difficult. I was also familiar with many of the exercises he did and I have been teaching these exercises myself for years. Nevertheless, it was very interesting for me to see how my perspective has changed, especially with familiar exercises, and how I was able to gain new insights after all these years.

➡️ We are never finished and we can always learn something. We learn from other teachers, but above all we also learn from other students. I also learn an incredible amount from my students.
➡️ When you think you can already do it, you suddenly realize there’s still something to learn.
How often have I heard the same information over and over again in dance sport and at some point I thought I understood it and then when I’ve heard a topic for the 15th time, sometimes it happens. Suddenly it “clicks” and we have completely internalized it.
➡️ We are never perfect and we can always improve. But that only happens through constant repetition. In quality management, this is called continuous and ongoing improvement.
➡️ Listen to suggestions from coaches, teachers and, above all, your environment.
Go through life without blinkers, be open and enjoy your life.
➡️ Be curious about what comes next and, above all, don’t take everything so seriously. Otherwise you will get in your own way.

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