Writing a diary

This morning I sat at my iPad and wrote in my diary, as I do every morning. There are now over 3300 entries in total. My first entry was on January 11, 2013, and for the first few years I only wrote occasionally. But for a few years now I’ve been disciplined and really do write in my diary every morning. This morning was the 1309th day entry in a row.

Why do I write in my diary?
➡️ I write down what I experienced the day before so that I can remember it later. These can be positive memories as well as negative ones.
➡️ I write down my thoughts.
➡️ I write down what I intend to do
➡️ I write down my wishes and dreams
➡️ I write down when I meet a new person

Advantage with an app:
➡️ On the iPad, I can also dictate the text if I need to do it quickly. This makes me faster than writing.
➡️ I can add photos for special events
➡️ The location is recorded. So I can see where I created the diary entry.
What do I get out of it?
➡️ When I write a diary in the morning, it’s “me-time”. This is my time. Just for me. Here I can sort out my thoughts.
I can see what I did on this day 5 years ago and how I have changed.

What have I learned from it?
That wishes can come true.
Sometimes I wrote down wishes that later came true. I didn’t remember what I had written back then.
One example: Many years ago, I wrote the following text: “I’m currently sitting on my terrace in front of our house drinking a cappuccino. The house is near a river. I am happy. Our daughter goes to school here and is very happy. …”
I found this text four years after I wrote it. At that time, our daughter was going to kindergarten and we didn’t have a house. It was just a wish of mine. I hadn’t expected that we would later find a house that was actually near a river.
Your thoughts change your behavior and therefore also your future.

Have you ever tried writing a diary?
Or do you even write a diary? Give it a try too.

I wish you lots of fun.

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