You take care of your career, your family and friends, but do you also take care of your body?

It’s very interesting for me to see how life changes. Between the ages of twenty and thirty, I felt unbeatable. I knew my body and thought that injuries hardly ever happen and that they heal very quickly. In my shows, I walked on a big ball, jumped rope on it and finished with a backflip from the ball to the floor. I never thought about the fact that something could happen to me. Then, six years ago, I suddenly injured my shoulder while doing gymnastics in a fun park. It took over a year before I was completely pain-free again.

I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and couldn’t put on weight. That has also changed.
During my studies, I liked to have an extra two beers. That was quite nice, but was it worth it?

A good friend of mine fell into alcohol addiction a few years ago. He had stress at work and stress in his private life. He eventually used alcohol as a switch. He mainly drank the hard stuff. Shots, vodka, etc. When he was stressed, he drank and flipped the switch so that he didn’t have to think about it. At some point, he couldn’t do without it. He went to a clinic to get away from it again. He was reintegrated into work. A couple of months later, he was sent to Japan on business. There was a lot of drinking with the customers and he let himself be persuaded. He relapsed. He was immediately fired from his job without notice and then the downward spiral began. At some point, he just crawled into his apartment and only came out to buy alcohol. All efforts to get him out of the apartment were in vain. At some point, the public order office got a call because he was smelling out of the apartment. He had been dead in his apartment for a few days by then.

On my 40th birthday, I decided to stop drinking alcohol and I haven’t missed anything yet.

➡️ You only have this one body!

If your car breaks down, it’s annoying, no question about it. But then you save up the money and buy a new car.
What if you destroy your body by eating too much unhealthy food?
You can’t buy yourself a new body.

➡️ Take care of yourself and your body.

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