Listen to your body!

Last week I wrote about how important it is to take care of your body. There is something that is even more important:
“Listen to your body!”
➡️ Many people have forgotten how to listen to their bodies.
Chronic symptoms don’t appear overnight. They come gradually and then increase more and more. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight either. Our body sends signals such as headaches, back pain, diarrhea or sickness. Due to our environment or stress, it can happen that we don’t pay attention to these signals.
➡️ It’s even worse when we consciously ignore the signals. I had danced competitively even when I was younger, even though I was sick. To help me get through the day, I took painkillers and other medications. I then said: “This tournament is very important, I can’t cancel it!”
In retrospect, these decisions were the biggest stupid thing I could have done.
The body consciously sends a signal – be careful, it hurts. Be careful, this is not good for you. You should definitely listen to this and respond accordingly.
A friend of mine took part in a competition while ill. Resulting in inflammation of the heart muscle. She wasn’t allowed to do any exercise for over 10 months. Was it worth it? No way.
➡️ Nutrition:
Who really enjoyed their first vodka? Which child loves coffee?
➡️ Our body tells us that it can’t tolerate something. Many people in my social circle manage to eat something because it is supposedly healthy, but cannot tolerate it because they actually have an intolerance and continue to eat it anyway. Does this make sense? Definitely not.
Two weeks ago I read a book by Chris von Tulleken called “Ultra-Processed People”. This book is about ultra-processed food.
The food industry deliberately uses flavor enhancers, which can also be addictive. If a cheeseburger is left out for several days and it still looks the same, it can’t be healthy.
These foods are designed to be eaten very quickly and easily. Therefore, it is much easier to eat 3-5 cheeseburgers than a large salad.
What do you eat?
What is your body saying to you?

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